Wages Garnished

In 1995, Ludlam Point sued Díaz de la Portilla for an unknown sum in an eviction case.

Local Case #: 1995-000722-CC-25
State Case #: 131995CC000722000025
Filing Date: 1/27/95
Filing Type: Evictions <$15,000
Defendants: Alex Díaz de la Portilla
Plaintiffs: Ludlam Point, Inc.
Status: Closed
Disposition: Judgment
Disposition Date: 9/29/97
County: Miami-Dade County, FL

Unfortunately, in 2007, most case files were destroyed. In 1996, the judge awarded Ludlam Point the property, which was a single unit inside a larger building.

Miami-Dade County Clerk of the Courts

Over a year later, the court allowed for the garnishment of Díaz de la Portilla’s wages.

Miami-Dade County Clerk of the Courts

The judgment, which totaled $4,522.54, was satisfied in 2000, nearly three years after the judgment was entered.