Misleading Voters

In 1994, Díaz de la Portilla faced off against Carlos Manrique after having lost to him in 1992. This time, Díaz de la Portilla sent inaccurate and misleading birthday cards that called him “State Representative,” rather than a candidate for the office that he didn’t yet hold.

The card was coming in the mail: "Warmest greetings on your birthday with every good wish for the coming year." It was signed, Alex Díaz de la Portilla -- State Representative -- 115.

How thoughtful. Problem is, Díaz de la Portilla, 29, is not a state rep. He's a wannabe campaigning for the office, now held by Carlos Manrique, who defeated Díaz de la Portilla in a runoff two years ago.

"It is misleading," concedes the candidate. "It's my secretary's error. She should have put 'For state representative.' I caught it when I signed the cards, and I've changed it."

Miami Herald, 3/21/94